About us

Druk  POS came to be as a result of requests our team received from several shop owners in Thimphu. The imported POS tools faced issues like lack of prompt and onsite technical support, software errors every now and then, not having access to their own inventory data, exorbitant fees for every other reasons, etc. The request was to develop a similar product, oriented and customized entirely in the content of Bhutanese market. 

Our team took up the challenge. It was a genuine modern issue that required packaged solutions. We spent time doing research and ran analysis on the business cases. We came up with list of features that may be helpful to our shops in Bhutan and we started coding. As with all our other projects, we designed and coded the software from scratch on our standard technology stack and frameworks.  


Amidst a tight budget, lockdown, and challenges, our team is jubilant to finally release Druk POS – both Wholesale and Retail Point of Sale software. Support local vendors and local products. Let Druk POS help address some of your daily business issues.

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