In Version 2.13.16, several fixes and improvements have been implemented. The key enhancements are highlighted below:


  1. Mix Payment:
    • Cashier functionality has been improved. Now, the system permits the cashier to make partial payments in cash, proceed with a bank transfer, and then retain the remaining balance as credit.

  2. Exchange Issues:
    • An issue related to product exchanges has been addressed.
    • When a cashier initiates a product exchange, the system will automatically generate remarks.
  3. Variant Barcode:
    • Various fixes and improvements have been implemented to address related to variant barcodes.

Attention: The system now includes an automated account disabling feature. Your account will be automatically disabled if the hosting fee is not paid within the specified due date.

Thank you for choosing Druk POS. We are committed to continuously improving our services to empower your success.

If you have any inquiries on the above updates, please feel free to contact us.

Best regards,
Team Dragon Coders

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